Michael J Lambie has grown up on both coasts, born in Connecticut, serving time in Seattle and DC, while spening much of his childhood in the suburbs of Detroit. At Lake Orion High School in addition to taking AP computer programming courses, he was part of the Television Production Workshop which produced daily live television broadcasts for the morning school announcements. Also during high school, he held an internship at the local cable station Orion Neighborhood Television.

While studying computer science engineering and film at the University of Michigan he spent a summer at an unorthodox film production internship in Hollywood and another summer and semester working on independent films in New York City. He also served as a production assistant for MTV's Choose Or Lose campaign for the 2004 presidential election.

Since moving to Los Angeles in 2005 he has become a Digital Research Director at the Nielsen Company and also managed ad traffic campaigns for ContentNext for a short time. Michael has been heavily involved in the local tech community, where he first got on board with the Los Angeles Geek Dinner which he has helped co-coordinate. He is an active participator and speaker at BarCamp Los Angeles and recently BarCamp Grand Rapids. He has helped volunteer for the Pixelodeon Fest which he is now helping coordinate for 2009. He has served as a project advisor for the American Film Institute's Digital Content Lab and also helped host events for Mixergy, Mindshare and the Digital Family Reunion. Michael curently serves as the Chair of Technology for the Southern California Chapter of the Marketing Research Association.

Michael loves community and collaboration first and foremost. He's currently working at Nielsen, and working on a few side projects. He lives with his lovely girlfriend Ann Marie.

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